If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a general practitioner or a brain surgeon? Other attorneys offer to represent you in Social Security and other matters….We ONLY represent Social Security Disability CASES.
The Hardy Law Firm, Ltd., L.L.P. that cares enough about you to fight for your rights. Our staff and team of attorneys are dedicated to helping you work through the bureaucratic process. At The Hardy Law Firm, Ltd., L.L.P., "You're not a CASE you're a person". We help you keep your dignity as we assist you in proving your disability. Though our practice is primarily in ARKANSAS and TEXAS, we accept clients out of those areas. Our attorneys have represented over four thousand clients.
Proving disability can be difficult because you are dealing with the government and all of its red tape. Though we can step in at any level, we prefer to assist you from your initial application through the denials and appeals that most applicants must endure. Because of our experience, we KNOW what is required to get your application approved. Most people are denied on their initial application and usually on their appeal from that denial. The third step after the first two denials is a hearing before a judge. We make the request for a hearing, gather your medical records and ensure they are sent to the judge. We not only represent you in court, we also help you prepare for your hearing by providing you with information on:

What To Expect At Your Hearing
Rules About Answering Questions During Your Hearing
What To Do After Your Hearing

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